My coach has provided much more feedback than my dissertation committee…Thanks for the help guys, this has been a long and difficult journey so far, but you are helping trim a year from my total time to graduate, and that is so important to me.

profile-picBryan Henderson, Ph.D. (in progress) – Los Angeles, CAPublic Administration, Walden University

Working together has been an all round benefit to me and my research and I think you saved me a year. I would very strongly recommend your services without any hesitations.

profile-picClarence Boykin, DHA – Homewood, ILHealth Administration, Central Michigan University

Dr. Strickland has been a great help building my confidence and giving me direction to finish my dissertation. I was struggling so much I did not believe I could finish. However, now I can see the end and am working towards completion with daily plans and weekly goals.

profile-picGlen Svenningsen, Ph.D. (in progress) – Barrington, ILChemical Engineering, University of California

My Dissertation Done Coach was professional, competent and listened to truly understand my specific needs, and helped me understand the appropriate statistical test for each research question, Then helped me understand the results. The best part was getting the one-on-one support from an expert who has experience working with students from my university. Finally finishing was ‘Heavenly Relief!’

profile-picDory Escobar, Ph.D. – Santa Rosa, CAPublic Health – Community Health, Walden University

Your interest in my project and ability to understand what I was trying to do saved me months of not having to go in circles and second guessing myself. My coach allowed me discuss my thoughts, get immediate feedback and articulate my research in a more direct and concise manner. Finishing was a great relief, a blessing, and sense of accomplishment. Your extensive understanding of qualitative studies is a great advantage for the student undertaking this endeavor. I thank you.

profile-picYolanda Spooney, Ph.D. – Northfield, OHBusiness- Specialization Accounting, Capella University

After one phone call to Dissertation Done, I knew I had made the right decision. Help was on the way! They talked in terms I could understand. Then my coach walked me through the data and helped me make sense of it. I gained the tools to interpret the data & my confidence soared. I only worked with them a month but saved a month of time and another term of tuition. And I finished. And felt so relieved, accomplished and happy. Then I got hired as full time University Faculty — Assistant Professor. Contact Dissertation Done earlier rather than later. Don’t suffer alone; these people are knowledgeable & reputable.

profile-picMartha Wilke, Ed.D. – Greenville, SCEducational Learning, Liberty University

Dissertation Done offers great individual service. You’re not treated like another cog in their ‘see how we helped thousands’ machine like I felt was the attitude of other services I talked too. You get honest, straightforward, authentic help with what you need. There’s no pressure to pay for more then what you need, but full support for what you do.

profile-picCarrie Simmons, Ph.D. – Vancouver, WAOrganization Behavior and Management, Capella University

In 6 months, I have learned a lot, am able to work independently, and am up and running. It feels great. Hopefully, I will complete my doctorate in 6 more months. And I will be marketable, no question about that. Dissertation Done is a life saver. Do not leave home without it.

profile-picJehu Akubuiro, Ph.D. – Southfield, MIHealthcare Administration, Northcentral University

Dissertation Done helped me do just what they advertise. They assisted me in completing my dissertation when I felt like I was in a fog and needed clarity. The guidance, feedback, and one-on-one attention I received was invaluable. It played a vital part in assisting me in achieving my doctoral goal. If you are ready to move forward and finish I highly recommend working with this company.

profile-picSandra Ingram, Ph.D. – Winston-Salem, NCCurriculum and Instruction, Capella University

I have been working on my dissertation proposal for a year. Needless to say, I felt stuck like a hamster on a wheel, MOVING QUICKLY BUT GOING NOWHERE. I was hesitant to call. However, I read the reviews like you are and decided to give it a shot. Dr. Strickland was very reassuring and worked with me to find a financial plan that worked. My coach and I developed a plan. In just two weeks I have revised chapters 1 and 3 and am eager to tackle chapter 2. I am so grateful for Dissertation Done. No more hamster wheels for me!

profile-picAngela Swain, Ph.D. (in progress) – Chicago, ILBusiness Psychology, Chicago School of Professional Psychology

Dr. Strickland was able to understand what my dissertation question was, how I needed to solve my question, and then explain and teach me how to do it. Not only did he spend as much time as I needed to understand, he never abandoned me or said I was not smart enough to learn…I finished in 6 months, it was an indescribable feeling and I’m now teaching beginning researchers in a Nursing Research Fellowship program.

profile-picLynne Bentley, Ph.D. – Boulder, CONursing, University of Colorado

This is saving me so much time and now I hope to graduate next year. Your company is the best there is!!! Caring, encouraging and truly dedicated for a student to succeed!

profile-picJan Guy, Ph.D. (in progress) – Los Angeles, CAPublic Policy and Administration, Walden University

After a year I was having trouble getting motivated, addressing committee feedback and setting deadlines. But I was able to connect with my Dissertation Done coach regularly, who with timely answers to my concerns, was extremely helpful pushing me towards better communication with my advisor. This service saved me at least 3 quarters of time and $3,000. And the feeling when I finished was Amazing! A great sense of accomplishment!

profile-picCathy Jones, Ph.D. – Charlotte, NCHigher Learning Education, Capella University

The whole dissertation thing was confusing and frustrating to me at first; even after many sleepless nights of working my topic and write-up by myself, it never makes sense to the university committee and advisors.Then I came to know about Dissertation Done. At first, I don’t believe it, but I gave it a trial – And to be honest, within few days of Dissertation Done coaching me, I came up with a reasonable topic and a proposal. The committee approved the topic and the proposal at one shot(submission)! and not only that, they referenced my work as an excellent example for other classmates to follow.At this time, I feel more confident and fabulous in my work and the progress so far with Dissertation Done coaching; and to other students who are still struggling with their dissertation, – Check out Dissertation Done, work with their coach, and I believe you will tell a success story like me.

profile-picKolawole Tubiyele, D.Eng. (in progress) – Frederick, MDEngineering Management & Systems Engineering, George Washington University

Work with Dissertation Done. They saved me 2 years and at least $30,000. It felt amazing to finally finish and I’m now working full time in my field. Just do it! It is worth every penny and will save you so much time and headaches.

profile-picCynthia Moore, Ed.D. – Los Angeles, CACounseling Psychology, Argosy University

If you’re struggling like I was, don’t talk yourself out of a solution you don’t believe you can afford. You have invested too much time and money to not cross the finish line. The solution is there and it is affordable — no matter how much you try to reason that it is not. Make the decision to finish your dissertation and get your life back. It is not a decision of –’If I can afford Dissertation Done.’ The decision is, ‘Can I afford not to use them and never finish my doctorate?

profile-picDave Braswell, Ed.D. – Phoenix, AZAdvanced Educational Leadership, Argosy University

You helped me get de-stressed about my work, which helped me focus and become more productive. In less than a year I graduated, got a job and moved on, away from a depressing Ph.D. experience.I would strongly recommend Dissertation Done for anyone who is struggling with motivation and direction. Because nothing beats having motivation and direction. PhD studies are so open ended a person will go mad. Help is needed. Sure, you may be able to finish your PhD without this help, but if you take it, you will be more motivated and focused. You will also be happier with the quality of work that you did under supervision of the program and you will also find that the program helped you achieve your desired career path after graduation. If you can’t afford it, AFFORD IT!

profile-picHusain Shekhani, Ph.D. Mission Viejo, CAElectrical Engineering The Pennsylvania State University

My coach gave me the clarity and focused attention I needed and wasn’t getting from my University, and I was able to finish in a year with a great sense of relief.

profile-picCyril Thomas, Ph.D. – Katy TXBusiness Administration, Northcentral University

When I started working with Dissertation Done, The best thing was I spent quality time on the phone with Dr. Russell Strickland, 1-2 hours at a time, actually discussing the issues. I could never get a hold of my dissertation mentor at my University. I was able to finish my second dissertation in 18 months from start to finish working with Dr. Strickland and I was hired by the State of California as a consultant. This would have never happened without his help.”If you are struggling and considering quitting, try this first–you won’t regret it. I graduated because I made this decision and graduated with a completed dissertation. The dead weight was finally lifted, it was very freeing, and was a huge sense of accomplishment.

profile-picShauna Rossington, DBA – Greenville, CABusiness Administration, Capella University

“[Dr. Strickland] made all the difference in the world. I wished that I had found him earlier in the process because my life would have been easier. Don’t hesitate to work with Dissertation Done. And make the decision early to get assistance from this company. Mine was a crises situation and I was down to the wire. Without their help I would never have completed my dissertation on time. It was worth every penny.”

profile-picVictoria Grossman, Ph.D. – Boulder, CONursing, University of Colorado

You also saved me $3,000-$6,000 & six months at a minimum. I completed my degree which felt surreal and I was delighted, relieved, and very happy. I recommended Dissertation Done to a friend and she is currently using your services.

profile-picNatalie Maiden, Ed.D. – Silver Spring, MDCounseling Psychology, Argosy University, DC Campus