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You’re staring at your data and it’s just staring back. If you’re working on your dissertation, this is probably the last major hurdle at the end of a very long journey.

Or perhaps you’re a researcher with no time to pour through thousands of records of data, or someone conducting a study but have no staff to carry out the statistical analysis needed to help you make sense of your data. In every case, you have data and:

  • You need it to make sense
  • You need to understand what it’s saying
  • You need to make recommendations based on those results

Whether you are pursuing a doctoral degree in business, nursing, psychology, criminology, religion, or education, the fact of the matter is that you are not earning a degree in statistics, and your committee simply does not require you to organize and execute the analyses required by your project. Your responsibility regarding data analysis for your dissertation is to be able to report, present, and defend your results. As a statistical consultant, I offer services that enable you to do just that, while removing the stress, confusion, and frustration so many doctoral students endure as they labor to complete Chapter 4 of their dissertations.

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Provide your name and email in the little green form on the right. Once I get a little more information, I’ll provide a free 30-45 minute phone consultation. (I use Skype if you’re outside the U.S.). You’ll leave the call with real, actionable techniques on how we can catapult your project past the finish line, whether you need:

  • A more organized analytical approach
  • A more clearly defined hypotheses
  • Or, simply a better understanding of your data

At the end of the call I’ll provide a firm quote to completely analyze your data.

With the right expert on your side, we’ll get your data on the couch and talking in no time – complete the Free Phone Consultation form and let’s get started!