Terms & Conditions

All services are provided on a project basis.This structure offers several benefits for clients, but also involves a few constraints.


  • Are goal oriented. Commonly, the goal for dissertaton-coaching projects is to get your dissertation done (i.e., approved by your dissertation committee), and the goal for student data-analysis projects is to be able to report, present, and defend your study's results.

  • Are billed a fixed fee. We spend considerable time discussing your needs and developing a plan to achieve your goals during our initial consultation. Based on this consultation, I quote an overall fee for the project and accept all risks associated with estimating the time and resources required to achieve the established goals and objectives. I do not change the fee for your project, unless you decide to change the scope of the work. Such changes rarely occur, and it is generally quite clear when the client is requesting a change in scope, as opposed to a minor clarification.

  • Are not cancellable. Once the project commences, time is reserved to complete the project, effort and expertise are applied, and value begins to accrue. As such, projects cannot be cancelled for any pro rated reduction of fees. Of course, a client may decide not the complete a project for any reason, but such decision does not change the fee schedule.

  • Are not billed on contingency. The projects on which I work often require weeks or months to complete. Project fees are encumbered at the start of the project and are generally due at that time. As a professional courtesy, I will often extend structured payment terms to accomodate the the cash-flow situations of my clients. However, these payments are due on specified dates and not contigent on achieving specific millestones (the timing of which are often outside of my control).

  • Are not refundable. Again, all project fees become due on the agreed upon dates. Time to complete the work is reserved at the beginning of the engagement, and no other projects are engaged that would conflict with the established time tables. As such, cancellation on the part of the client does not result a refund of any fees paid, nor does it change the established schedule for future payments. However, if a payment is not received as scheduled, all future payments are accelerated and become due immediately.

  • So, projects involve certainty for both the client and the service provider. Both agree to the goals and objectives to be achieved and the fees associated with this work.

    The terms & conditions detailed above apply to all projects unless a signed written agreement explicitly supercedes some or all of these terms.