Realizing the Dream…with a Twist with Dr. Derichard McCoy

Dr. Derichard McCoy  [40:52]

Absolutely. I totally agree with that.


Dr. Russell Strickland  [40:55]

So if people wanted to reach out to you, maybe there’s some some coaches or players that you know, heard your story. They’re like, hey, yeah, I am interested in getting some help get to the next level. Maybe you know, someone needs some help with their their football program. And I’m not sure to come in and do some consulting, whatever it might be. So I wanted to reach out to you what’s the best way for them to do that? I think


Dr. Derichard McCoy  [41:18]

the best way to reach me is via Twitter @CoachDerich10 . That’s coach D-E-R-I-C-H-1-0. That’s the best way to reach me if you need me.


Dr. Russell Strickland  [41:34]

So @CoachDerich10 on Twitter, and you can if you weren’t able to take down that note. Remember, just remember our blog, dissertation done comm forward slash blog. You can find Dr. McCoy’s episode there, and we’ll have in the show notes is his contact information. So that you you’ll be able to reach him easily in that way. So Dr. Derichard, thank you so much for being here with us today. I hope that people were really listening and paying attention to what you have to say, because your journey is an inspiration to folks to come from, you know, a family where the parents really did not know much about college to earning your doctoral degree is amazing. It wasn’t without its struggles, and you overcame them. And anybody else is out there listening can do the same thing.


Dr. Derichard McCoy  [42:23]

Thank you, Doc for having me. And I really appreciate it. Appreciate your company. And thank you.


Dr. Russell Strickland  [42:31]

Welcome. I’ll just remind everybody quickly that today’s episode been brought to you by dissertation done so, you know, we help the Richard to get his dissertation done. If you’d like for us to have a conversation and see if we might be able to do the same for you by go to And we’ll see if we have a conversation and see if that might be a good thing for us to work together. If like I said, you have already gotten past that point, you’ve graduated and you want to be a coach or consultant or in the expert space. consider getting yourself published getting getting your expert book out there. We help folks do that is where you go to set up a little conversation to talk about that. Otherwise, Derichard, I do want to thank you once again, Dr. McCoy, I want to thank you once again for for being here with us today and for sharing your journey it was it was really really amazing. And I really appreciate you sharing with us.


Dr. Derichard McCoy  [43:25]

All right. Thank you for having me.


Dr. Russell Strickland  [43:27]

And to everyone else, have a wonderful day and go out and live your unconventional life.


Outro  [43:37]

This has been An Unconventional Life. Thanks for listening. If you enjoyed today’s episode, subscribe now to keep getting inspirational stories of unconventional lives as soon as they’re released. Until then, go out and live your best unconventional life.

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