Knowing Your Value: You Owe It to Yourself and Those You Serve with Dr. Colleen Georges

Dr. Colleen Georges  [1:01:20]

Thank you so much, Dr. Strickland, it’s it’s um, it’s so exciting to get to talk about this like process again, I don’t really I don’t really get to go back into that at all. It’s, it’s fun to talk about it. Because I do think again, I’ve seen so many people who do struggle with it. And I know how hard it is and, and I’ve been there so.


Dr. Russell Strickland  [1:01:42]

Yeah, a fairly unique in this regard. You said that your husband is almost finished right? Does he have a date? Is their graduation date a different state yet let’s


Dr. Colleen Georges  [1:01:51]



Dr. Russell Strickland  [1:01:54]

tell him, life coach, you got to put a date on the calendar


Dr. Colleen Georges  [1:01:57]

I know.


Dr. Russell Strickland  [1:02:00]

But something was occurring to me when you were saying that you’ll be getting invitations. In no time to the Drs. Georges that sounds interesting to me.


Dr. Colleen Georges  [1:02:08]

Oh, he’s a Dr. Loriano. Yeah, I’m a feminist.


Dr. Russell Strickland  [1:02:15]

I just thought that would sound cool.


Dr. Colleen Georges  [1:02:18]

But I do think it’s pretty neat that that our son will have two parents with doctoral degrees. I know that’s not common for those people.


Dr. Russell Strickland  [1:02:25]

So anyway, thank you so much for being here with us today. I had a wonderful time. I’m sure this will be there. I know. There are folks that need to do some rescripting. I hope they reach out to you to do that. Again. Thanks for joining me today.


Dr. Colleen Georges  [1:02:38]

Thank you so much Dr. Strickland.


Dr. Russell Strickland  [1:02:40]

Awesome. Listen for everybody else I want you have a wonderful day and go out and live your own unconventional life.


Outro  [1:02:52]

This has been An Unconventional Life. Thanks for listening. If you enjoyed today’s episode, subscribe now to keep getting inspirational stories of unconventional lives as soon as they’re released. Until then, go out and live your best unconventional life.

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