Overcoming Impostor Syndrome with Dr. Lisa Orbé-Austin

Dr. Lisa Orbé-Austin [00:40:03] Yeah, that’s who you are.


Dr. Russell Strickland [00:40:04] If you are doing Socrates at the beach. More power to you!


Dr. Lisa Orbé-Austin [00:40:08] Yeah. But if it’s not, you will do it. It’s not going to draw more people to you that you want actually following you. It’s going to draw things that are problematic for you. And so I think you draw because it works in it. And I did have to play a lot with my content. I did have to think about ways people wanted it, seen it, wanted it heard. I had to play along with it and really learn. But it’s been a fun process.


Dr. Russell Strickland [00:40:30] Well, I know that you have that your time is short, and I really do appreciate it. Thank you so much for being here with us. Tell everybody the book. I want to make sure that we’re going to get that on our our blog page in the show notes. So folks want to get there. We’ll have a link, but tell everybody about the book, the TEDx talk and how to get in touch with you if they want to reach out later on.


Dr. Lisa Orbé-Austin [00:40:49] Sure. So the book is called Own Your Greatness: Overcome Impostor Syndrome, Beat Self-Doubt, and Succeed in Life. It’s a work book. It’s meant to actually do the tasks of getting through your imposter syndrome. And we actually have a companion course, master class that goes along with it when I return and I teach it. And you can learn more about that on my Instagram page. My Insta is probably the easiest place you can follow me on LinkedIn and stuff like that, but Insta’s probably the easiest place to interact with me.


Dr. Russell Strickland [00:41:15] And @DrOrbeAustin, is that right?


Dr. Lisa Orbé-Austin [00:41:17] Yes. Yeah. And then I have a TEDx talk on Imposter Syndrome. It talks about my experience of imposter syndrome and then how it shifted. And that’s called The Imposter Syndrome Paradox.


Dr. Russell Strickland [00:41:30] We’re going to link that in our show notes, too.


Dr. Lisa Orbé-Austin [00:41:32] Yeah. Come join me. I love talking about imposter syndrome and like chatting so feel free to interact with me. I’m pretty open so…


Dr. Russell Strickland [00:41:41] That is so awesome, Dr. Orbé-Austin. Thank you so much for being here with us today.


Dr. Lisa Orbé-Austin [00:41:45] You’re so welcome. It was a joy.


Dr. Russell Strickland [00:41:47] I’ll just remind everybody that today’s episode has been brought to you by Dissertation Done. So if you’re an adult doctoral student working on your dissertation and you need a little bit of help, support, guidance, and structure to get through the process, reach out to us at DissertationDone.com/done. And if you’re in this expert space and dealing with some of the things that Dr. Orbé-Austin was talking about today and you want to expand your authority, reach out to us at DissertationDone.com/book. Not only are we helping people become published authors, but we’re doing lots of other interesting things there. That’s just the first thing we like to do is make sure you have that book out there. But reach out to us at DissertationDone.com/book and we’ll help you to expand your authority. Dr. Orbé-Austin, again, thank you so much. I had a wonderful time.


Dr. Lisa Orbé-Austin [00:42:27] Yeah, it was a joy. I really had a good time.


Dr. Russell Strickland [00:42:30] And to everyone else, I’d go out and live your unconventional life. Have a great day.


Outro [00:42:40] This has been an unconventional life. Thanks for listening. If you enjoyed today’s episode, subscribe now to keep getting inspirational stories of unconventional lives as soon as they’re released. Until then, go out and live your best unconventional life.

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