Safety Pins and Dissertations

April 10th is International Safety Pin Day. The safety pin is ingenious in its simplicity and practicality — two excellent traits for your dissertation, too…

Walter Hunt supposedly invented the safety pin in 1849 to raise money to pay a $15 debt to a friend (roughly $450 in today’s dollars). His invention caught on because it was such a simple and practical solution to the problems associated with straight pins.

You should strive for the same simplicity and practicality in your dissertation.

What do I mean by practical? How’s this: Make sure you can do it!

When you’re just starting out on your dissertation, you’re likely to focus on what you want to do. What topic interests you? What problem do you want to solve?

Instead, I suggest that you should focus on what you can do. How can you collect your data? What access or assets do you have that you can leverage for your dissertation?

Focusing on what you can do and how you can do it from the start is a far more practical approach than most doctoral students take…and much more likely to result in your graduation!

So, what about simplicity? Well, a good place to start is your research design, again.

Don’t ask 5 or 6 research questions if 2 or 3 will do. Don’t collect data in multiple phases or uses multiple modes. One type of data collection, executed one time for all participants, was sufficient to earn doctoral degrees for hundreds of my students. Why would you want to make it more complicated than that?

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RUSSELL STRICKLAND, Ph.D., has been referred to as a “rocket scientist turned management consultant.” In truth, he applies an eclectic body of work from astronomy and nuclear physics to dynamic inventory management to market research to each of his student engagements.

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