What’s Your Next Challenge with Dr. Diane Hamilton

Dr. Russell Strickland  [41:01]

Amazing. You name drop Neil deGrasse Tyson I, my my first academic experiences in the hard sciences. And I love the way he communicates things. Were very funny. Just amazing. Yeah. Funny, and but I think can help get the point across to people. Yeah, in a way that other famous scientists maybe couldn’t do. I remember, I was in college, a brief history of time was very popular book from Stephen Hawking. And some social scientists didn’t experiment at some point where they put like, a, you know, I forgot what it was, but they put you know, money in a book, along with an envelope saying, you know, since in this envelope, and we’ll send you back more money, like 100 bucks or something. It was not, it was it was a real amount of money. And just for sending in an envelope is 400 bucks. I don’t think there’s a lot of people who, whose time is worth looking a knob, right? Yeah. So what they found is that none of them got sent back, because people would put that book on, on their coffee table, it was a status symbol,


Dr. Diane Hamilton  [42:11]

I’d heard that that’s, that’s a great.


Dr. Russell Strickland  [42:13]

It was one thing, but I think that whereas people would perceive Hawking as being less less accessible, a lot. Neil deGrasse Tyson does, is more accessible to, that’s really important for everybody when they’re talking about their area of expertise to remember to draw your audience. But listen, I really, really appreciate you spending time with us here today. This has been wonderful I ratio for our audience to know all these things are out there and available to you. You just have to grab hold near and remain open to them. So so that’s amazing. If anybody wanted to continue the conversation, you know, find out more about your your radio show or grab one of the books or the assessments or whatever. What is the best way for folks to reach out to you?


Dr. Diane Hamilton  [42:58]

Well, my main website is dr.dianehamilton.com so that’s d r d i a n e h a m i l t o n dot com . They can follow me @drdianehamilton on all the social media, is on my site, they can get to the Curiosity Codes, Information, or they go directly to curiositycode.com and they could get a free chapter if they’re interested in reading the kinds of things I write. And I don’t even know if it’s out there. There used to be a dissertation checklist on my blog, probably if you go to drdianehamilton.com/blog and search by dissertation checklist, you might even be able to find it still, I don’t know how up to date it would be though.


Dr. Russell Strickland  [43:38]

So lots of lots of points of contact there. If you missed some or all of that, go to our blog, dissertationdone.com/blog and find Dr. Hamilton’s episode there. And we’ll link to all of the social media, and the books and and all the things because we’d like to make it easy that way. But again, thank you so much for being here with us. I had a wonderful time.


Dr. Diane Hamilton  [43:59]

I did too. Thank you so much for inviting me. This was great.


Russell Strickland  [44:02]

Oh, you’re welcome. And for just remind folks that today’s episode has been brought to you by Dissertation Done so if you think you might need a little help guidance or support on your dissertation project reached out to us a DissertationDone.com/done. And again, if you want to be that award winning author who’s bringing in all the opportunities like Dr. Hamilton here, reach out to his DissertationDone.com/book, and we’ll help you through that process. Again, Dr. Hamilton, thank you so much.


Dr. Diane Hamilton  [44:30]

Well, thank you.


Russell Strickland  [44:32]

And everyone else, have a wonderful day and go out and live your unconventional life.


Outro  [44:44]

This has been An Unconventional Life. Thanks for listening. If you enjoyed today’s episode, subscribe now to keep getting inspirational stories of unconventional lives as soon as they’re released. Until then, go out and live your best unconventional life.

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