Encouraging Children is Like Molding Clay with Dr. Francisca Enih

Dr. Russell Strickland [00:20:23] It’s really not just about academics, but it’s also about community and citizenship and all of those sorts of things. That’s really when you talk about what’s our goal for kids getting A’s, B’s and honor roll, well, it’s for them to get to college. And that’s what colleges are looking for, is not just the scores, but what are the other things? What are the other dimensions? And that’s the teamwork you were talking about. I know from my personal experience I had my oldest is a freshman in high school right now and. I think he’s had just about more team projects than he has individual projects. It’s really something…


Dr. Francisca Enih [00:20:59] Collaboration.


Dr. Russell Strickland [00:21:01] Absolutely, absolutely. So they’re they’re pushing that really, really hard at his school in particular. Right. But, yes, I see it through all all three of our children at high school, middle school and elementary school right now. And we see that happening at our very, very important. But again, tell us more. I want the folks know. How your process and the things that you do working with kids, how they can pay off, you remember you told me about this one child that actually did really, really well when it came to going to college, right?


Dr. Francisca Enih [00:21:35] Yes. Yeah, that says to them, we have and we used to have and, you know, these students have his own problems at home that we at the school level, we recognize that it wasn’t that much bad. The child was really progressing because of the background he came from. And his mom was very supportive, too. And he understands everything going on. So with that, this student was just doing awesome in everything. He this he mingles with friends that when he goes home is different. He knows he has everything equipped with that he can use to be successful, not his outstanding student going up in the university. I think he’s at first. Was it. And that he’s at Harvard University right now,


Dr. Russell Strickland [00:22:37] So there’s a phrase they talk about burying the headline. Yes, yes. That student was having trouble that had difficulties at home and was a little bit withdrawn and through just encouraging him and helping him realize his potential. Yes. Applying these concepts from 15 minutes a Day as a teacher in the classroom, this student blossomed and he did really well. And he ended up going to Harvard. Yes. So if you want your kid to go to Harvard, just pick up Dr. Enih’s book might be a little harder than that. But we’ll we’ll we’ll leave it at that. So Dr. Enih tell me. What was the experience like of actually writing this book, because I know a lot of folks in our audience. Everybody has a book in them. Right? Everybody thinks they want to be a published author. And then when people try, that’s where the problem is. We don’t see a lot of people who who say, yeah, I got this book I want to write or anything like that. So, yes, I’ve written the book. Yes, it’s published it. That doesn’t usually happen. So tell us what that experience was like for you,


Dr. Francisca Enih [00:23:41] The experience of writing. Let me set it up again. This book, 15 minutes there is just as


Dr. Russell Strickland [00:23:49] Get that book it up. The smile just comes out. And this hot off the presses, right, you see that letter, that’s a desk copy.


Dr. Francisca Enih [00:23:59] Yes. And it’s on Amazon right now, this 15 minutes.


Dr. Russell Strickland [00:24:05] But this is hot off the presses. So, yeah, I’m so happy that you’re you’ve


Dr. Francisca Enih [00:24:10] spent the last year much adding on. That will be an author. I receive an email from the Sarastro up at about April, and he said, you want to be a published author. I said, what is this? And then it’s about this delete. Then not so long ago, he said, I know that was it was let me stop and look at this one is published. How do you become a published author when you don’t even have time? Then I had to call Dr. Strickland and I said, I received this email. What are you talking about? What do you mean? He said, well, this lock down is not going to be easy. It’s going to last a long time. So is it time for people to recognize, capture or do something that they wouldn’t have done? I said, oh, that’s good. Where do I start? And I say, oh, your dissertation. Somewhere in my book and my dissertation, I have 15 minutes a day. And I studied psychology in my mind. How could we do this 15 minutes a day? And that’s when I sat down. So with all these structures that Strickland and his team gave me, I was able to finish my book before August. I’m just a little bit more structured. So it’s by apemen. February. This year, my book was in the market. Thank you, Doc.


Dr. Russell Strickland [00:25:45] Oh, yes, it was awesome. And we had a really we had a really fun group of people going through that process together. I think you guys built a really strong, like almost a family connection and supporting each other. It was it was just awesome. But yeah, that’s actually kind of what I was thinking about back when this whole pandemic lockdown stuff first started is like so many people are kind of anesthetizing themselves to Netflix, self medicating to the to the warm glow of Netflix. And yeah, that’s fine that you watch a lot of TV, but what do you get out of that? You know, a lot of people are waking up a year later and still we’re not quite out of the woods yet and they’re going to be looking around and they’re going to think they lost all that time. Where did it go? And then other people like Dr. Enih, you’re going to be coming out saying, well, it went into my book. I’m a published author. Hold it up again. There’s that smile, again. I love it.


Dr. Francisca Enih [00:26:41] Yes,  thank you for the foresight, because I’m like, how do we publish a book? But they give us some literature, so many words in a week and sometimes I’d be lagging behind. And then I thank my family. They’d be like, you know, writing a book and it must be love. Then we’re just happy. I said, thank you. Then I go back. I said, I’m still doing this.


Dr. Russell Strickland [00:27:06] There is always accountability from week to week to the group to what it.


Dr. Francisca Enih [00:27:12] Yes. And then the group where we’re helping each other, my group are they’re good stump up. And I want you to join me soon because I love the group and the problem. You have Dr. Strickland and the team. We all work together putting the pieces together. I do this one. Do that one. So it wasn’t just I,


Dr. Russell Strickland [00:27:34] I certainly appreciate that. Francisca. I want you to again tell folks if they want to reach out to you, if they want to get the book, if they they want to kind of continue this conversation, what’s the best way for them to reach you?


Dr. Francisca Enih [00:27:47] Please, I would like to hear from everyone. You can reach me on LinkedIn. You can read on Facebook, you can reach me on Instagram anywhere of my email that please reach out to me. I have more information to share.


Dr. Russell Strickland [00:28:04] Oh, yes. So we’re going to we’re going to put in our show notes if you go to DissertationDone,com/blog, you can find in this episode there you might be on a podcast right now. You might be on YouTube wherever you are, go to DissertationDone.com/blog, find Dr. Enih’s episode there. And in our show notes, we’re going to link her books on Amazon. We’re going to link her her LinkedIn and Facebook and Instagram and all those things so that you can reach out to her as easily as possible. So all of that’s going to be there. And again, if I have it right, Francisca is 15MinutesADayBook.com/win to get that awesome check list right to the to help people figure out what they need to be doing first thing in the morning, in the in the afternoon after the kids get back from school and in the evening before at bedtime and then fifteen minutes a day you can get your child moving to A’s, B’s and Honor Roll and maybe even Harvard.


Dr. Francisca Enih [00:29:04] Yes, let’s stop overwhelming ourselves and do what we need to do and get the best results.


Dr. Russell Strickland [00:29:11] Well, Francisca, I know people can tell from your just your enthusiasm and how how much that smile has been shining through all day today. Those of you guys are watching on YouTube. I’m not even getting a reaction because of that book. You’re just an amazing person. It is just an amazing person to help parents out. So certainly if you if you have parents, if you if you are a parent, if you have kids, if you have grandkids and you think that maybe there’s a different way, maybe there’s something that you can do with a little bit of your time to really help them out in school. And as I said, school is not just school. It’s really about becoming a well-rounded person, socially and social in terms of social responsibility, as well as just socializing and being a good citizen. So, you know, just like she mentioned, the kid that kind of fell down on the field trip and the other kids with her pick them back up. That’s what you want. You want kids. They’re well-rounded. You can do all of these things and 15 Minutes a Day will certainly help show you how to do that. Awesome. Well, Dr. Enih, thank you again so much for joining us here today. I’d like to remind everyone that this episode has been brought to you by Dissertation Done. So if you’re an adult doctoral student and you would you’re approaching the dissertation and you know, you want some coaching, some guidance and support, reach out to us at DissertationDone.com/done. If you are in the midst of your dissertation and you feel like things are going slowly, or maybe you’re stalled or just plain stuck again, reach out to us at DissertationDone.com/done. We’ll have a conversation, see what’s going on and what we might be able to do to help. And if you want to be a published author and put a big smile on your face like Dr. Enih has, there you can reach out to us at DissertationDone.com/book and we’ll get you holding up your book and smiling in no time. So thank you again, Dr. Enih, for being here with.


Dr. Francisca Enih [00:31:04] Thank you, sir. Thank you. Thank you. Have a nice day.


Dr. Russell Strickland [00:31:09] Absolutely. Everyone else, I want you to have a wonderful day and go out and live your unconventional life.


Outro [00:31:21] This has been An Unconventional lLife. Thanks for listening. If you enjoyed today’s episode, subscribe now to keep getting inspirational stories of unconventional lives as soon as they’re released. Until then, go out and live your best unconventional life.

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