Teaching a New Language with Technology with Dr. Katherine Rosselot

Dr. Russell Strickland [01:00:48] It doesn’t have to be a huge program to be helpful right now.


Dr. Katherine Rosselot [01:00:51] I just need volume.


Dr. Russell Strickland [01:00:52] There you go. So how do people get in touch with you to do that? Because I know there’s going to be people out there listening to this who are interested in the application and in the research. And some people might be able to to to bring you into their site. So how will they reach out to you about that?


Dr. Katherine Rosselot [01:01:10] Well, I can be easily reached by my email, which is karosselot@gmail.com. So it’s it’s and the another way to reach out to me is going to be through LinkedIn. OK. A simple search on LinkedIn will well with the name Katherine Anderson Rosselot will get they will take you directly to them, to my information.


Dr. Russell Strickland [01:01:47] Awesome. So LinkedIn, Katherine Anderson Rosselot, KARosselot@gmail.com. If you have a nurse in a nursing program that you’re administering and you’d like to see your students start to perform better, let’s bring Dr. Rosselot in, see see if she can help get students on this application that that has already been proven to to show an increase in your vocabulary.


Dr. Katherine Rosselot [01:02:19] And as a result, increase his academic performance.


Dr. Russell Strickland [01:02:23] Right. Because this is a foundational thing. So it is increasing performance across the board. New vocabulary, acquisition and retention is required. It is a prerequisite for academic performance in these areas, because if you can’t speak the words, it doesn’t matter if you understand the concepts or how to communicate it well.


Dr. Katherine Rosselot [01:02:49] And the other the other pieces of the expansion to the research will also definitely include passage of the licensing exam known as the benefit. So let’s face it, you don’t go to nursing school without that in mind. I like kind of like Ph.D. and dissertation. You can’t do that.


Dr. Russell Strickland [01:03:13] I mean, I’m talking about for the school, it’s a huge benefit, right? Because as we mentioned before, that’s one of the criteria that schools are judged on.


Dr. Katherine Rosselot [01:03:21] So, yeah, especially by their own state nursing boards. Yeah, that that’s that’s literally the number one thing that state state boards of nursing look at.


Dr. Russell Strickland [01:03:38] And iff I were going into a nursing program, and I want it to be a licensed nurse. I would not be going to a school that had a bad passing rate on that exam. I want to hear from that school, all of our students pass on the first the first go around. Might make the school a little bit harder. But again, I want to make sure that I’m prepared and I get license. That’s the whole point of going to nursing school for, I would say everyone, but at least ninety nine point seven percent, I’m sure they’re getting license there. All right, Katherine, thank you so much for joining us here today. I really enjoyed our conversation. I hope that you are going to get some nursing students reaching out to you saying, hey, how can I get in on that? And we can start moving forward with that that that application. So that platform is available to people. I certainly hope that you’ll get some administrators reaching out to you to say, hey, I’d like you to help our program. We can we can definitely serve as a as a test bed for this technology, already proven technology. So just to refine it, to get it to work better and better and to to make it de rigueur in programs across the country will be awesome. I look forward to that for you.


Dr. Katherine Rosselot [01:04:48] All right. Thank you so much. Well, I do think that it’ll fit into. Any program, because obviously this can be done on a remote basis as well.


Dr. Russell Strickland [01:05:00] Yes, yes. I mean, that’s that’s the benefit is once this gets deployed, I mean, this is this is covid friendly technology. Right? This is remote-learner friendly technology. And this is, you know, all of the newer kids going into nursing school these days are certainly going to be tech savvy. So we want to make sure that we’re we’re speaking to them in their language while you’re teaching them to speak yours.


Dr. Katherine Rosselot [01:05:25] Yes.


Dr. Russell Strickland [01:05:26] Awesome. So just a quick reminder to folks. This episode has been brought to you by dissertation done. So if you are a doctoral student getting ready to start your dissertation or currently bogged down, go to DissertationDone.com/done that’s DissertationDone.com/done. And we’ll see if you might be a good fit for our Fast-Track Your Dissertation coaching program. If you are currently functioning in the expert space as a speaker, consultant, counselor, coach and you really want to expand your authority, you want everyone to know what you do and how you do it. The best way to increase your credibility is by becoming a published author. You can go to dissertation dot com I’m sorry, DissertationDone.com/book again, that’s DissertationDone.com/book and reach out to us and we’ll have a conversation about taking you from the blank page to being a published author. Dr. Rosselot, thank you again so much for being with us today. I really did enjoy it.


Dr. Katherine Rosselot [01:06:23] Oh, thank you. I’m I’m excited about the work that that’s ahead and and I will and I will say that that to the audience that Dr. Strickland and his. And his. His. Employees that that work there for Dissertation Done have made a huge difference in terms of keeping me focused on what I needed to do at the time, especially given the circumstances that I was under. And and I really I really think that nursing programs need to truly consider the integration of as much education technology as they can because of the fact that nurses do have to know so much information as well as being able to quickly access that information. And on top of that, just being able to function in the high tech world of of of healthcare.


Dr. Russell Strickland [01:07:30] Absolutely true. And thank you for your kind words, Katherine. I will tell everyone, since you won’t listen, if she could do it, you can do it. Come on. This is obstacles are our challenges. But they are not they’re not the end of the story. You get to write your story. So whatever it takes to get your dissertation done, do it. If you if you’ve gotten involved in the doctoral program, you know, it’s because it’s it’s close to your heart is part of your identity. You you do want to be a doctor. That is who you are. And whatever it takes to get through this process, go out, get the help that you need, focus, make sure you make it happen because great things wait for you on the other side. Yes?


Dr. Katherine Rosselot [01:08:16] Absolutely. So much more so much more than I ever imagined.


Dr. Russell Strickland [01:08:21] And that’s I hear it all the time. So, again, thank you so much for joining us. And for everyone else, go out and live your unconventional life. Have a great day.


Outro [01:08:36] This has been an unconventional life. Thanks for listening. If you enjoyed today’s episode, subscribe now to keep getting inspirational stories of unconventional lives as soon as they’re released. Until then, go out and live your best unconventional life.

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