From Getting Kicked Out of the Classroom to Running the Whole District with Dr. Reva Cosby

Dr. Reva Cosby  28:35

yes, and that I do think that in times like COVID, when everything is so unknown, and we’re having to start from scratch making decisions, I do believe that there are a lot of people who have a lot of good suggestions and things. But I do know that having my doctorate has given me the opportunity to get my decisions out there and to act on that. them and, and so it’s worth it at the end of the day going through all of that, you know, ultimately has allowed me to do things that I really feel are important.

Dr. Russell Strickland  29:11

And when you say that that actually reminds me of a story you were telling me the other day with, you know, in this environment of COVID. A lot of people are having to pivot and do things differently. And one of the things that you’ve been doing is actually helping at least one of those people I remember you talking about to, to help a bunch of other folks. Again, helping people help it’s a it’s a it’s a theme among people with their doctoral degrees, it seems. But tell me, you know what I’m talking about, tell me about what you’re doing with that.

Dr. Reva Cosby  29:42

You get sort of call to action because you have your doctorate. You know, I received a phone call from a sister of a friend, and she’s starting Val Academy which is offering tutoring services to parents who have to go to work, but their kids need to course to go to school and to learn, and they can’t go into school because schools now you know, for a lot of people are not deemed as safe. So what she’s doing is interviewing people and she’s received, I mean hundreds of resumes, but she needed someone to actually interview the certified teachers because she didn’t feel that she would be able to know if the answers were what she needed was supposed to be an aha. So I’ve done that for her and, and like I said, I know she knows a lot of people who are in education, but she didn’t know many people with a doctorate and it gave a level of credibility to what, what I would bring to the table. And interestingly enough, we did do an interview yesterday and we were able to rule out someone who, you know, I knew from my experience going through this process and all they were not right to mentor young, young males. So it’s so it really is helpful and I do Do you think like you said she’s just saw a need and and is creating that opportunity,

Dr. Russell Strickland  31:05

like what they’re doing basically is parents who can’t be there to help their children through these, you know, virtual school meetings where kids are actually at home. They’re able to either bring folks into the home or virtually bring folks into the home to help the children through the school day. Because the school sometimes it’s not entirely clear, put some school districts exactly what the kids are supposed to be doing throughout the day. So you’ve got a touchdown there, a tutor to do that.

Dr. Reva Cosby  31:34

And you know, it’s interesting because she was excited to get her first clients. You know, the idea is great, but will people take you up on it? I think, I think in this time of change and uncertainty, they wanted to know for sure that their students would have a good tutor. I also have found the opportunity. But another thing that’s happening at this time is this understanding that we have to look at equity and diversity and school districts don’t always have everybody. They don’t have like a full plate of diverse people, you know, working and a lot of blue districts. Ohio has 614 school districts. And we range from very rural and, and huge, like maybe 50 miles, you know, to where I was Mt. Healthy was a seven mile district. And we had kids who came from other places, but you understand that level of diversity and so it’s the same when you look at the population. So I have another young lady who has a friend who started a business where she is going to provide equity training to teachers who, who end diversity training, who only dealt with people who look like them, you know, and those he’s asked me to also be a part of, of her team and do some of the present presenting and talking about, you know, ways to interact with students who are different You know, then, absolutely,

Dr. Russell Strickland  33:02

yeah. And those are just opportunities, as you mentioned, that don’t tend to come to you unless you have your doctoral degree, right? People start to seek you out. Because you’re special, whether you feel it or not. Whether you feel like oh, I’m still that same little girl that grew up with, you know, the, the dad from the foundry or whatever, but you’ve done so much since then. And, and most other people, important to remember haven’t gone through that process and done everything that they need to do to earn a doctoral degree. So it is a big difference. I think in that previous business, you mentioned, it also brings credibility to her and her business when she’s bringing staff in. Just like we’re not gonna tell a no joke here. We got Dr. Cosby interviewing. Yeah, you know, the bar is high. You got a doctor running the interview.

Dr. Reva Cosby  33:53

I think you’re exactly right. And I do think that it would be important for students who are in their 40s 50s whatever. And going back to school for their doctorate, to understand it is a lot to learn, it is still a lot out there for you to learn. And so when I do these things when I help people, I realize how I know how to do these things, because I went through the research process because I did those things that led to me ultimately completing my doctorate and, and so that work is is relevant, it is important. It keeps you abreast of what’s happening. So I, I do think that getting a complete makes all the difference in the world.

Dr. Russell Strickland  34:34

Absolutely. It. It’s just one of those things. Again, there aren’t that many people who have a first name doctor. It’s it’s important if it’s something that’s in your heart, if it’s something that you’re actually working on right now. Figure out what you need to do, what’s might be getting in your way to keep moving forward. If it’s motivation look to people like Dr. Cosby and all the people that she’s able to help with this doctoral degree. Okay. It’s not just about you, it’s about the impact that you can make on in the world, not just for your community, but also for your family. If you think you’re taking from your family now, you’ll be giving back in multiple so definitely keep keep at it, stick to it, you can do it. I’ve done it. Dr. Cosby’s, there are others out here that have those stories of, you know, not coming from a family full of professors. And, and it’s still doable. So definitely keep after it. So Dr. Cosby, what is you know, somebody’s got an idea and they they’re maybe working in a new idea and education and they, they’d like somebody to talk to about and they could use a little bit of help or consulting. Is it okay for them to reach out to you and see if you might be able to help them out as well?

Dr. Reva Cosby  35:48

Yes, yes, that would be wonderful. Yes, I can be reached with my email, which is I love to hear new ideas and, and like you said I not only you know, are we involved in education but because of my doctrine I get involved in legislation and things like that as well. So it’s so many things that having that has afforded me and being a superintendent as well. So yes, if someone has an idea, they even just like to run it by me. Do you think this is something that’s viable? I’m more than happy to listen,

Dr. Russell Strickland  36:26

that’s, that’s awesome. out there, still helping as many people as you can. So that’s We’re going to put that down in the in the show notes, so you’ll be able to just click on that link if you’d like to, to get to her. Thank you so much, Dr. Cosby, for everything that you shared with us today. This has been, I think, very motivating to, to our listeners and to our viewers on on YouTube. Thank you again for joining us here today.

Dr. Reva Cosby  36:55

Thank you for having me.

Dr. Russell Strickland  36:56

And then once again, I’d like to just remind you guys that today’s episode was sponsored by Dissertation Done, in fact, at Dissertation Done there’s two ways that that we help folks. One is for those of you who are working on your dissertation about to start your dissertation or just want to get it done sooner, reach out to us at actually, you can go to And you can reach out to us about getting your dissertation done. And if you’ve maybe you’re out there living your unconventional life right now, but you have a message that you want to share with the world. We do have another program called Expand Your Authority and Expand Your Authority is all about getting your book published and out there in the world in such a way that you make yourself more visible. So that these opportunities that Dr. Cosby and I were talking about, might just come to you through folks that see your book and get a chance to read your book. So if you’d like to become a published author, you can go to www.dissertation and find out more about Expand Your Authority as well. Dr. Cosby once again, thank you so much. And best of luck to you as the school year get started, I certainly hope that you guys are able to get off to a great start in this current virtual environment and that you’re able to have your kids back in the school houses as soon as possible.

Dr. Reva Cosby  38:16

Thank you.

Dr. Russell Strickland  38:17

All right. Have a wonderful day. You too. Bye.

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This has been An Unconventional Life. Thanks for listening. If you enjoyed today’s episode, subscribe now to keep getting inspirational stories of unconventional lives as soon as they’re released. Until then go out and live your best unconventional life.

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