Proactivity Is Key

Jeremy Weisz  15:03

Yeah, you know, I want to talk about business use cases for this. Why you typically, you know, for him, he saw that was definitely credibility authority helped grow his business gave him the respect. What are other reasons why you see people are in business, go on and and get their dissertation, you know, their dissertation done

Dr. Russell Strickland  15:23

well in business that’s, that’s huge. I mean if you’re hanging out a shingle here if you’re a kind of an authority driven business, then being, you know, Doctor, the man versus just the man, it, it’s another it’s another level on people, again automatically associate more credibility with you. There’s a lot of things you have to do in business to run a business. But those businesses that really require a certain level of expertise and where people are just delivering kind of higher level services. Folks like having that reassurance it helps them there’s an old saying That said that that said that, you know, manager ever got fired for hiring IBM, this was way, way back in the day when IBM was the force in in that type of business consulting, you know, maybe the project didn’t go well, but we can’t fire you as a manager because hey, you hired IBM. I mean, what else were you gonna do? Same thing for other consumers. If you are confronted with a choice between two businesses that are run by experts, and one of them has their doctoral degree and the other one doesn’t, there’s a nod at least to the to the other guy, there’s a clear nod to the other guy with a doctoral degree. So that’s, that’s huge. For a lot of folks, it might be something to do with even when your licensure psychologist, you can provide counseling without having a doctoral degree, but maybe you have to have someone with a doctoral degree that’s supervising or again,

Unknown Speaker  16:55

are you limitations,

Dr. Russell Strickland  16:57

respect from the donations if you if you don’t have that doctoral. Yeah. So I was definitely the case. It might literally be about getting more money or getting a promotion. So they’re in business generally speaking in your career in your professional capacity. There’s a lot of reasons why. But when you’re running your own business in particular, it’s it’s definitely a good shortcut to, to getting that authority. Having people automatically recognize your authority by Yeah.

Jeremy Weisz  17:27

First of all, Dr. Strickland, thank you everyone should check out, they have a phone number, other contact them, email them, the big take home for me, that is productivity, right? Whether you’re talking about dissertation or you’re talking about your health, whether you’re talking about wealth, like being proactive for any of these things, you want to wait till you know you having chest pain to start eating healthy or exercising, you want to be doing a proactive, same thing with this process. So I appreciate you sharing that lesson in this business. Use Case. So

Dr. Russell Strickland  18:01

So listen with your dissertation. It’s never too late until you’re literally kicked out of the program. You can still graduate, you can still finish, it’s never too late. But yes, the important takeaway from this is it’s also never too early. So don’t think I have to put this off for any reason you don’t. There are clear benefits to getting started. As soon as you think you’re ready to get started, you can begin to accrue those benefits as long as you’re actually in your doctoral degree program. Having the right focus and doing the right things can get you a leg up when you get to the dissertation eventually. So yeah, productivity is great if you have time for it. And if you don’t, don’t let that be an excuse, you can still finish it. It’s never too late.

Jeremy Weisz  18:41

Well, time now or two or three years later, right? Take your pick.

Dr. Russell Strickland  18:45

Yeah, now that’s the proact i’m not i’m not discounting proactively, I just want to tell folks who are like not so proactive that. We want to make sure that we’re now going to be proactive. Yeah, totally. And not getting deeper. It’s never too late. Being proactive. is clearly better, because yeah, you don’t waste any time you hit the ground running. When you get to the dissertation phase, you can go into it part of the dissertation actually done by the time you can start the process. So lots of reasons why you want to do that if you can. And if you have past that level of being proactive, and now you’re you’re feel like you’re behind. Don’t let yourself get any further behind. Be proactive now, about getting on the right track.

Jeremy Weisz  19:24

Cool. Thank you so much, Dr. Strickland.

Dr. Russell Strickland  19:27

You’re welcome. Thank you, Jeremy for being here.

Outro  19:35

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