The Mouse and Dissertations

On November 18, 1928, Walt Disney introduced Steamboat Willie to the world. So Happy Birthday to Mickey Mouse! But here’s why Steamboat Willie is so important to your dissertation…

1. Ready, Fire! Aim.

Get something out there, like Steamboat Willie. Find out what you audience thinks. Then, make adjustments so that you can give them what they want.

It worked for Disney, and it’ll work for your dissertation, too!


2. Good Enough is Good Enough

Disney wanted to entertain the world’s children. And, he was fanatical about quality control. But, he did let that perfectionist streak keep him from releasing Steamboat Willie? No, even though Steamboat Willie was hardly Disney’s ultimate vision for Mickey Mouse, as you can see from the pic above, Disney knew that Steamboat Willie provided value and was something he could deliver at that time.

3. You Have Your Whole Life to Do You Life’s Work 

Disney didn’t wait to get his work out to the world. If he did, we would likely never have gotten Cinderella, Mary Poppins, Disney World, or the new Star Wars movies!

You didn’t enroll in a doctoral program because you wanted to write a dissertation. You enrolled because you want to impact an impact on the world. To improve the lives of your family and others.

Don’t put pressure on yourself yo make that impact with your dissertation. You have your whole life to do your life’s work.

As for your dissertation, just get it done!

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